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Imortalium – 120 Ct Miron Bottle

Imortalium - 120 Ct Miron Bottle

  • ImortaliumTM optimizes mobile division for higher regeneration throughout your physique’s 100 trillion cells.
  • Telomere well being is supported by the various antioxidant enzymes and important vitamins in Imortalium.
  • Helps to reduce Oxidative Free-Radical Injury to telomeres, permitting these protecting ends to advertise wholesome cell replication.
  • The important minerals in Imortalium nourish your cells and assist enhance your general high quality of life and lifespan.
  • By defending and nourishing our telomeres, we are able to reprogram our cells to peak efficiency.

Imortalium – 120 Ct Miron Bottle.

Worth: $ 62.95

Imortalium – 120 Ct Miron Bottle
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